McCullough Sudan is a corporate transaction and tax law firm that regularly advises clients on the taxation of transactions, investments and business operations. We provide day-to-day legal services as outside general counsel, as well as represent clients in select transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, fund formation, real estate development, in-bound and out-bound cross-border transactions and technology transactions. We add value by advising clients on tax strategies to mitigate their federal and international taxes as the conduct their business and engage in transactions.


We regularly advise clients on the tax aspects of business transactions. We add value to business transactions by identifying and addressing the impact taxes may have on a client’s plans and business dealings. This may come in the form of mergers and acquisitions, joint venture, technology licensing, or real estate development. We also advise clients on strategies to minimize foreign taxes upon entering new markets, or U.S. taxes when investing in Texas or other parts of the United States.  In other words, our tax practice is interrelated to the main focus of our law firm: business transactions. Learn more about McCullough Sudan and our full range of transactional legal services at our main website www.dealfirm.com,

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