Our attorneys have substantial experience representing domestic and multinational privately held companies. We understand the unique business issues and personal sensitivities related to the operation of a private company. We appreciate the distinction between public companies that make quarterly and annual public filings and disclosures of financial statements and corporate governance information compared to the private company that attempts to preserve the confidentiality of such sensitive information. Our attorneys also understand that a public company often is accountable to several constituency groups, whereas the private company is primarily accountable to one or a few individual shareholders.


Our attorneys understand that in a private company, business is personal. We build long-term relationships with our privately-held company clients based on trust, open communication and a keen awareness of the shareholders’ objectives. Unlike public companies which often have labyrinths of legal, tax, contracts, HR, and finance departments, a privately held company often has a more entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary culture where trusted individuals are relied upon to use all of their skills to accomplish a variety of enterprise objectives. We try to demonstrate that same culture when we represent the owner of a closely-held company. Our attorneys strive to be the trusted business counselor, gatekeeper and advocate upon whom the shareholder, executives and directors regularly rely.


Successful closely-held corporations understand that managing costs and budgeting are critical components to the growth and survival of a business. We make every effort to add value to our private company clients by providing timely, cost-effective solutions to their legal, tax and business issues. Through regular discussion of on-going legal issues and clear communication about billing and budgeting, we can help the privately-held business manage its corporate legal budget.


At the end of the day, we understand that the measure of a private company’s success is reflected on the shareholder’s bottom line. We are experienced helping shareholders of domestic companies and multinational affiliated groups maximize their net returns through comprehensive tax planning to minimize their total tax burden from state, local, federal and international taxes.мульт машинкиФильчаков Харьковдверь корсика дуб брендинейлоновые зубные протезыкитайские телефонікупить очки недорогоноутбуки intelлобановский александр дочьреклама брендапродвижение фирмыкак можно хранить косметику своими рукамикрючки для карпаrusso travel