Robots and the Future of Tax Policy

Robots and artificial intelligence are reshaping the workplace. Automation has replaced industrial and retail jobs. As robots and AI put current jobs at risk, they also threaten tax revenues to federal and international treasuries. The current U.S. tax system is based primarily on income and payroll taxes. If robots replace workers, the U.S. Treasury will lose both income and payroll taxes. This article from BNA explores the tax policy issues that await lawmakers as automation continues.баня постройкаАлександр Фильчаков прокуроргорячие туры турцияноутбуки ціни в українісайт стоматологической клиникискоростные видеокамерыvoyage en train sibérienneЛобановскийdebica производительпродвижение сайта запорожьеoltatravelсамый мощный игровой ноутбукшпон анегри

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