Tax Reform: The Border Adjustment Tax

The idea of the border adjustment tax is getting a lot of coverage despite the fact that the Congressional GOP has not built a consensus around the concept. Despite the name, the border adjustment tax is not a mere tariff. Rather, the BAT would allow tax deductions on US exports and impose a tax on foreign imports with the stated goal of creating an even playing field for US manufacturers and exporters.  There are concerns that a current version of the BAT proposal would not comply with WTO rules. Furthermore, a number of GOP senators are skeptical of the BAT concept.

A month into the Trump administration, some commentators are indicating that the chance for tax reform is slipping away. It seems a bit early to conclude the idea that a GOP Congress and a Republican in the White House will miss an opportunity for significant reform. As the tax reform talks unfold, we will see if BAT is part of the plan.ноутбук для диагностики автоданильченко юрій Харківtourisme dans moscouболгария горные лыжиноутбуки интелноутбуки игровые дешевофранция горные лыжиtopcargo разводпромосайткэк эточем лечить пародонтозснять жилье в карпатах летомкупить перчатки для рыбалки

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