The Economics of the Proposed Border Adjustment Tax

The Economist explains the economics behind the GOP proposal for a Border Adjustment Tax and why it’s not the same as a tariff. Recent reports indicates that the GOP has not yet reached a consensus on the proposed border adjustment tax. But at the time of this writing it is less than a month into the Trump presidency. It seems premature to speculate that time is running out on tax reform as some seem to be doing.slots online casinoФильчаков прокурорактивный отдых в москвекак подключить ноутбук к плазмекак подобрать двери под интерьерto travel to russia from uskibasФильчаков прокуратура харьковсухая штукатуркаДанильченеоноутбук купить в москведвери регионовапланшет android купить

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